Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Hitting the Gym

This is week 2 of my gym sessions. My weekly goals are to go at least 3 times and spend 30 minutes each time. I have been mostly using the elliptical. I am averaging a 15 minute mile, which I know is pitiful to most people, but I am pretty pleased with it. I want to get it down to a 10 minute mile by the end of August. I don't know if that is possible but I am trying.
Brent and I have decided that we are going to start the Couch to 5k program.
It will take us a lot longer because we are so out of shape, but I am pretty excited. I am hoping to be able run a whole 5k by next summer, which I know is a seems like I am already procrastinating, but it takes time for a 44DDD sized lady to get herself into something resembling pseudo-shape.
I have really been enjoying the gym a lot. I hate running; I really do, but I really love the feeling of working towards a goal that I feel like I can accomplish. I know I will never be stick thin, but I can definitely be healthy, and that is what the long-term goal is.
I am so happy Brent has decided to join me. Adventures are always more fun with a partner.

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